If you have been injured in a transport accident on Victorian roads you may be entitled to compensation from the Transport Accident Commission (‘the TAC’).

You may be covered by the TAC if you are injured:

  • As driver or passenger in a motor vehicle
  • While riding a motorcycle
  • While using public transport
  • As a pedestrian or
  • While riding a bicycle and involved in a transport accident

TAC will cover your medical treatment, support services, loss of earnings or loss of earning capacity payments. In addition to these payments, you may also be entitled to claim lump sums for the loss suffered as a result of a transport accident.   

The TAC is a government owned body that operates as an insurance scheme for all Victorians who use our roads.  However, the scheme can be tricky to navigate, and you may be entitled to benefits that you were not aware of.

If you are not sure of your entitlements or whether you are receiving the compensation you deserve, contact our office today to speak to one of our lawyers.

If you have not lodged a claim with the TAC, we have put together this simple guide for your assistance:

How do I lodge a TAC Claim?

  1. You have one year from the date of the accident or one year from the date that the injuries you are suffering as a result of the accident become evident.
  2. You must notify either the Police or public transport operator that you were involved in an accident before you can lodge a claim. In some cases, the Police will come to the scene, if not you can simply go into a Police Station to make a report, or contact the public transport operator that you were using when you were injured.
  3. You then call the TAC on 1300 654 329 to lodge a claim. They will need some basic information like the date and location of your accident, vehicles involved, your injuries and the names of any witnesses.
  4. If your claim is rejected by the TAC, you have one year from the TAC’s decision to lodge a dispute. If your claim is rejected, we advise that you seek legal assistance straight away to protect your rights.

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