No Win – No Fee

We fully explain our fees from start to finish.

Including our fees if you win, and our “No Win-No Fee” cost agreement


We do not charge professional fees if you are unsuccessful.  Nevertheless, nobody likes to lose.

An important and often not discussed question is how much you are charged if you win.  You do not want to obtain a hard fought compensation payout and then have to pay substantial legal fees which erode the compensation award.

We are here to fully explain these matters to you from start to finish so you can make informed choices about offers of settlement, and what they really mean.

Transparency is most important.  We are required by the Law Institute of Victoria to provide you with a complex Cost Agreement.  Nevertheless, we can simplify this for you to make it easy to understand and to enable you to concentrate on the important issues of winning your claim.  Our costs are contained as we are not burdened by massive advertising budgets and management costs.