We will support and work in partnership with you to achieve maximum results.

We have a proven record specialising in compensation and Personal Injury Law.

These days, Insurers are well resourced and will often go to great lengths to defend claims.  An injured person now needs expert professional advice as well as personal service and support.  We understand this is usually a client’s one-and-only involvement in a claim of this nature, which is why we believe it is vital to work “in partnership” with you.  This is to build an in-depth understanding of your circumstances and for you to understand the entitlements and procedures involved in your claim.  Working closely together with us is the best way to maximise your results.

An established and specialised history

Andrew Hounslow has over 35 years experience in Personal Injury Litigation.  He established Hounslow Lawyers in 1996 and together with his dedicated and expert team of Lawyers he has seen major changes in compensation schemes relating to benefit delivery and the complex processes involved.

Our firm has always prided itself in delivering the best in professional advise and personal service and we treat our clients like people, not just another Claimant.

Expert accreditation

Andrew Hounslow has received official specialist accreditation from the Law Institute of Victoria for the ongoing, high quality and professional level of services within the field within the field of compensation and personal injury law.

Personal Service

We will assist you in all aspects of your claim from small disputes over medical expenses and return to work issues to significant damages litigation.  We do not wait for your injury to stabilise nor do we select only the seriously injured clients.  All injury claims are important to us.

Further, to promote a personal relationship with you, we have established a number of branch offices to be able to meet with you in person and avoid trips to the city.


Our expert team

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