Dispute with Insurer

Under the WorkCover legislation if you either wish to dispute a decision of an Insurer or the Insurer has failed to respond to a request, the usual next step is to refer the dispute to the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (‘ACCS’).

We encourage you to contact our office as soon as you have received a decision from the Insurer that you disagree with so that we can best advise you and prepare your matter.

Accident Compensation Conciliation Service

The ACCS is a statutory body that aims to resolve disputes between workers, the insurer and your employer in an informal setting without the need to go to Court. Conciliations are conducted as a round table discussion.

At your Conciliation conference there will the Conciliation Officer, a representative of the Insurer and sometimes a representative from your employer, but they are not required to attend.

Hounslow Lawyers can provide you legal advice and attend your Conciliation Conference with you.

You should seek legal advice prior to Conciliation

If you receive an offer or proposal that is made by the Insurer’s representative at Conciliation this can have a great impact on your claim and may even forever finalise an entitlement under WorkCover.

We strongly advise that you contact our office before agreeing to any offers put by the Insurer.

If the Insurer refuses to alter their decision you then have a right to go to Court or refer a medical dispute to the Medical Panel.

Again it is most important to contact our office to obtain legal advice regarding the best option for you.

Contact our office on (03) 9133 8626 to arrange a no obligations consultation.