1. Seek appropriate medical treatment. Providing a clear history of how you were injured at work is most important. If you require time of work because of your injuries, obtain a WorkCover certificate of capacity from your Doctor.
  2. Notify your employer of your injuries. You must notify your employer within 30 days of becoming aware of your injuries. If you do not notify your employer within this time, you should still lodge a claim as there are exceptions to the time limit that WorkCover can consider.
  3. Complete a Workers Compensation claim form. You can get a claim form from your employer, your local post office or online. This form can be complex. If you require assistance completing the form, contact our office on (03) 9642 5332.
  4. Lodge your claim form with your employer. They are required to forward to the claim to the WorkCover insurer within 10 days. The Insurer then has 28 to make a decision.
  5. If your claim is rejected, you can challenge the decision. Contact our office to discuss how to lodge a dispute. 
  6. If your claim is accepted, you may be entitled to further lump sum claims. Contact our office for a free no obligation consultation.